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PCC is an internationally active group of companies under the leadership of PCC SE based in Duisburg, Germany.

Group sales generated in the three divisions - Chemicals, Energy and Logistics - have increased from just under EUR 60 million in 1994, our first financial year, to EUR 647,3 million in 2014.

PCC today employs about 2,900 people at 39 sites in 17 countries.

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Chemicals Division

By acquiring selected companies of the Polish chemical sector at the beginning of the new millennium, PCC successfully accomplished backward integration from chemical commodities trader to chemicals producer.

The Chemicals Division of the PCC Group includes one of Poland's largest chemical plants. At the site in Brzeg Dolny near Wrocław, PCC Rokita SA manufactures chemicals such as polyols, chlorine and plastics additives for use in many segments including the automotive, furniture and plastics industries. Produced using PCC`s "iPoltec®" technology, the "Rokopol iPol®" range of polyols manufactured here are the main ingredients of speciality cold foams as used, for example, in the production of high-comfort mattresses. At its production sites in Brzeg Dolny and Płock (Poland), PCC Exol SA manufactures surfactants for the laundry detergent, surface cleaner and cosmetics industries.

Segments of the Chemicals Division

  • Polyols for the manufacture of foams
  • Chlorine and chlorine compounds: basic chemicals for use in the pulp and paper industry and for other purposes, including the production of propylene oxide (PO) for the manufacture of polyols
  • Surfactants: active substances in cleaning detergents
  • Specialty Chemicals: Phosphorus and naphthalene derivatives (flame retardants and plasticizers); Nonylphenol and dodecylphenol; Trading in chemical commodities, coke and anthracite
  • Consumer Products: cleaning detergents, liquid laundry detergents and matches



PCC manufactures more than 400 chemical products in Poland


Energy Division

Following the successful realignment of the energy business, this segment of PCC is primarily engaged in the implementation of power generation projects with the focus on identifying greenfield projects and the acquisition of plants in various stages of development. The long-term operation of these plants will ensure stable value creation for the PCC Group. The project portfolio currently comprises combined heat and power (CHP) plants and small hydropower plants.

Additionally, we continuously work on the optimization of the energy supplies for our group-owned chemical plants and portfolio companies.



Construction of power plants, primarily on the basis of renewable resources


Logistics Division

The Logistics Division currently encompasses intermodal container transport, logistics services, road transport, and wagon leasing. The key company of this division is PCC Intermodal S.A., Gdynia, which is one of Poland's leading container transport companies. The company offers scheduled intermodal transport services. Currently it operates roughly 300 container block trains per month. In 2014, PCC Intermodal S.A. reached a transport volume of 94,000 containers, or 144,000 TEU (TEU = unit of measurement for ISO standard containers).



In 2014, we moved 144,000 TEU.


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