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Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, PCC SE is the parent and investment holding company of the globally active PCC Group with its more than 3,200 employees. The Group companies of PCC SE have core competencies in the production of chemical feedstocks and specialties, as well as in the field of container logistics. An investor committed to the longer term, PCC SE concentrates on continuously increasing the enterprise value of its portfolio companies through sustainable investments and the ongoing creation of new value.

The green chemistry of the PCC Group – Greenline ™

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Our oxyalcylates project in Malaysia

We are setting up a new production facility for oxyalkylates (nonionic surfactants and polyether polyols) in Malaysia in a 50/50 joint venture with the PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG). 

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Greenline ™ – the Green Chemistry of the PCC
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The Group Holding Company, PCC SE

Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, PCC SE is the holding company of the PCC Group and its affiliated companies, which are assigned to the Group’s Chemicals, Energy and Logistics divisions. Functioning as our Holding segment, PCC SE also manages major investment projects through their development and construction phases.

We at PCC SE boast a stable and future-aligned portfolio that is subjected to a process of continuous optimization, enabling us to generate value in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Geographically, our focus is on emerging markets offering high growth potential in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe where we already hold – in part – market-leading positions. The active portfolio management approach of PCC SE involves both developing affiliates and divesting participating interests where such action can lead to attractive gains and the released funds can be invested in the expansion of other core activities.

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Transparency, consistency and experience form the foundation of corporate management as practiced at PCC. We achieve transparency through our dualistic Group governance structure comprising a managing board and an administrative board – and through open communication with all our stakeholders. Almost all members of the Group management have been with PCC since decades or even since its establishment more than 25 years ago. This ensures consistency in stewardship while also ensuring that our wide range of experience is properly and effectively leveraged. This is in line with our maxim to only invest where we are able to optimally utilize expertise acquired over the decades.

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Our employees are our most important assets and a primary factor for our success. As a rapidly growing, internationally structured corporation, PCC places great value on cultural and technical diversity, conscious of the benefits accruing from the interchange and knowledge transfer that this promotes. We regard our ability to harness this diversity anew and on a daily basis – and from it to create a corporate whole – as one of our greatest strengths. And even though it is management that ultimately bears the responsibility for the business results of PCC, individual initiative and creativity among our employees are specifically encouraged to the full extent possible. Our people are given decision-making competences on the basis of the principle of “as much managerial guidance as necessary, as much individual responsibility as possible.”

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PCC is one of the most experienced issuers of corporate bonds in Germany. Many investors have been with us since our very first issuance in 1998, their confidence in us being firmly founded on a commitment to transparency and open communication. And PCC SE’s Investor Relations unit is utterly dedicated to maintaining this approach. Current, pertinent corporate and financial information from and about the PCC Group is available at all times on the internet at www.pcc-financialdata.eu under the PCC.Direktinvest section. We also maintain personal contact with our investors. Each year, usually in early summer, PCC SE invites its financial backers to an Investors’ Day at the PCC Villa, our Group headquarters in Duisburg-Homberg. And in the fourth quarter of each year, we also invite stakeholders to attend our PCC Information Evenings, which we hold at various locations around Germany.

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