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In order to provide you – as a potential or current investor – with comprehensive information, we have established an online archive containing the annual reports of the PCC Group since 2003 and the quarterly reports since 2001, each of which is available for downloading. The following tables provide an overview of the key financials and data characterising the PCC Group and PCC SE.

PCC Interim Consolidated
Financial Statements:

The current quarterly report:

PCC Group Annual Report 2021:

Key Financials of the PCC Group and PCC SE

Key financials PCC Group
(per IFRS)

Sales (€m)1,322.4979.6716.8
Gross profit (€m)505.3355.9216.5
EBITDA (€m)290.3197.583.8
EBIT (€m)217.5125.311.3
EBT (€m)184.591.7-38.4
Net profit for the year (€m)142.275.4-39.9
Total comprehensive income (€m)-**79.3-62.3
Capital expenditures (€m)116.3110.966.6
Key financials PCC Group
(per IFRS)
Net debt / EBITDA2.44.510.2
Group equity (€m)426.8144.674.8
Equity ratio (%)26.810.46.1

Rounding differences may occur. The key figures for fiscal 2020 and 2021 have been taken from the consolidated financial statements of the PCC Group according to IFRS, which were audited with an unqualified opinion.

* Preliminary consolidated financial statement 2022, may be subject to change. The final, audited financial data as per 31.12.2022 will be published here following the approval of the consolidated financial statements for 2022 in may 2023.
** Total comprehensive income will be published once the auditor’s opinion has been issued.

Key financials PCC SE
(per IFRS)
EBT (€m)-15.6-32.524.3
Net loss / profit (€m)-15.9-30.423.9
Equity ratio (%)55.960.062.9
Total balance sheet (€m)1,094.81,051.71,151.6
Fair value of financial assets (€m)917.1894.7895.7
 - Market capitalization of listed investments (€m) *414.1299.1256.0
Number of investements727882
Net debt (€m)461.2406.4392.8
Capital expenditures (€m)30.837.328.3
Employees (as of December 31)737266

Roundig differences possible.

* Proportionate stock market value of the listed shareholdings included in the investment portfolio of PCC SE. Valued in each case at the closing price on the reporting date (December 31), translated at the closing exchange rate (December 31).

Definitions: EBITDA    EBIT    EBT    Equity ratio    Net debt