Social commitment: locally and internationally

We at PCC help where help is needed – for a better future

PCC has been committed to social issues for many years – both in the vicinity of the Group headquarters in Duisburg as well as internationally. Likewise, our Group companies also support social initiatives. For example, our US subsidiary PCC Chemax, Inc. in Piedmont, South Carolina, has been a partner of an aid organization for children with disabilities for many years. In total, the PCC Group supported 86 social projects last year.

Initiatives at our Group headquarters in Duisburg

For several years we have been supporting the homeless charity “Gemeinsam gegen Kälte Duisburg e.V.” (“Together against Cold”) with donations. With tireless efforts, the volunteers of the nonprofit organization have been looking after people in Duisburg who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, for over two decades. Find out more about our donations in 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 und 2019.

In addition, we have also supported the German Child Protection Association at our hometown Duisburg (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund OV Duisburg e.V.) with a donation, especially in funding its “PlusPunktDU” project. The objective of this project is to provide advice and support to girls and young mothers from difficult social and family backgrounds in Duisburg on their way to vocational training and work.

The PCC Stadium at our home location

The stadium of the regional soccer division VfB Homberg e.V. is located near our Group headquarters. Since 2003, we have been the name sponsor of the PCC Stadium and the main sponsor of the soccer club. In this way we reiterate our solidarity with our home location.

Our children’s house at the Amani Orphans’ Home in Mbigili

Since 2007, PCC SE has been supporting the African relief project AOHM – Amani Orphans’ Home in Mbigili, Tanzania. We are keen to lend a helping hand to those who really need it. Our aim in constructing a children’s house, completed in September 2008, was to underline our commitment to effective corporate citizenship.

With its own solar power system, the children’s house – which incidentally bears the Swahili name “uhai” meaning “life” – has a virtually constant supply of electricity. In addition, we also offer study grants as a further means of providing access to a better future.

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