Sustainability and environmental protection at PCC

Now is the time for Green chemistry, energy and logistics

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are firmly anchored in our Group-wide philosophy. In our Chemicals, Energy and Logistics divisions, we protect the environment and climate by, for example, driving the efficient use of natural resources and energy – both within our production facilities and with our products.  Through economic, social and environmental sustainability, we are securing the future of our group of companies while contributing to the continued integrity of our environment.

The three pillars of our commitment


PCC SE is an investor aligned to the long term. We promote the sustainable growth of our affiliates so as to continually create new enterprise value within the PCC Group.


Throughout the PCC Group, we ensure that all our investment projects are pursued with modern, ecologically sound, climate-friendly, resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies.


As an international group of companies operating in many markets, we pursue a policy of positive social engagement within the neighborhoods surrounding not just our headquarters in Duisburg but also all our sites around the world.

Sustainability at PCC in figures

Silicon metal production

100 %

green electricity, primarily from geothermal sources

Our new silicon metal plant in Iceland helps protect the climate thanks to clean energy generated using the country’s geothermal resources.

Chlorine production


kg less CO2 per metric ton of caustic soda

Our energy-efficient membrane technology keeps greenhouse gas emissions from the production of chlorine and its by-product caustic soda consistently low.

Intermodal container transport


metric tons of CO2 saved in 2020

Our container transshipment service combining road and rail transport produces real savings in greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally friendly hydropower


power plants are UNFCCC registered

Our first four small hydropower plants are recognized as a UN climate protection project.

Dimethyl ether production

100 %

electricity from solar and wind power

Our joint venture in Russia has switched over completely to renewable energies.

The latest PCC video:

“Now is the time” – Our commitment to sustainability

Now is the time for GreenlineTM

GreenlineTM is the name we have give to the portfolio of sustainable feedstock and products available from PCC’s chemical companies. Hence our commitment to sustainability extends beyond climate- and environment-friendly production to also encompass our manufactures and applications.

GreenlineTM, the green chemical product range from PCC

Market launch: 2020
Number of products: Already more than 200, including:


Chemicals that increase the efficacy of detergents at low temperatures.

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Chlorine produced using exclusively renewable energies.

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Silicon metal manufactured with 100 % green electricity generated from geothermal sources.

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Chemicals for organic production

Chemicals under the label “Eco Products” for the manufacture of organic and eco-compatible solutions.

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Straight from

Products – e.g. for home and personal care – based on 100 % natural ingredients.

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Environmentally compatible

Chemicals that are 100 % biodegradable.

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