PCC’s Sustainability Guidelines

  • PCC SE and all subsidiaries of the PCC Group are committed to ethical and sustainable conduct in all their business activities.

  • All of our actions are based on the principles defined by the global Responsible Care® initiative. The initiative embodies the chemical industry’s endeavour to provide for continuous improvements in the areas of health and safety and the protection of the environment – beyond the legal requirements.

  • At PCC, we aspire to a corporate culture in which continuous improvement, sustainable competitiveness, and operational excellence are aligned with the ethical standards.

  • PCC assumes the ethical responsibility for ensuring that its business dealings are in conformity with sustainable, economically sound, eco-friendly and fair practices.

  • Our group’s social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

  • All PCC employees undergo training to enable them to assume their share of the corresponding responsibility, in accordance with their roles, level of authorisation and qualifications.

  • Our sustainability strategy is implemented in the individual PCC subsidiaries within our Group’s segments; namely our five Chemicals segments, as well as the Trade & Services, Logistics and Holding & Projects segments.

Environmental risk control at PCC

At PCC SE, we constantly monitor all areas and activities which may pose a risk to the environment or the efficient use of resources. This includes:

  • The consumption of raw materials in connection with the manufacture of each product

  • The handling of hazardous substances

  • Energy and water consumption

  • Effluent load

  • Emissions of air pollutants

  • Waste destined for disposal

  • Noise emissions

  • Legacy waste issues and soil contamination

  • Accidents and other specific incidents

  • The potential environmental impact of planned activities

To supplement these undertakings, PCC carefully considers any concerns or complaints reported by stakeholders, including the local communities.