The terminal is located on the factory site of PCC Rokita SA in Brzeg Dolny near Wrocław and handles goods flowing into and out of the Lower Silesia region. With expansion work having been officially completed in September 2015, annual handling capacity has more than doubled from around 50,000 TEU (20-foot standard containers) to some 110,000 TEU. The site’s storage capacity has also been expanded, as has its equipment pool.

Principal/Operator:PCC Intermodal SA
Location:Brzeg Dolny, Poland (Lower Silesia)
Operating area:28,000 m2
Handling capacity per year:110,000 TEU
Storage area: 2,500 TEU
Infrastructure / equipment:
  • 4 reach-stackers
  • Total of 4 spur tracks, each 650 m long
  • Wagon repair shed area: 350 m2
  • Container semi-trailer parking facility
  • 72 power connections
Project status:In October 2012, PCC Intermodal SA received an EU booster grant for the Brzeg Dolny terminal expansion. And in January 2014, we secured the land usage rights required for the project. The completed, modernized and expanded terminal was officially taken into service in September 2015.