After the modernization and expansion investments of the previous years, PCC Rokita SA starts the next capacity expansion installing two more electrolyzers. These electrolyzers VI and VII are commissioned in mid-2018. To utilize the full capacity of all seven electrolyzers, PCC Rokita SA is expanding the ancillary systems at the same time. After its completion in early 2019, the capacity reaches 209,000 metric tons of chlorine and 236,000 metric tons of caustic soda per year.

Principal:PCC Rokita SA
Location:Factory site of PCC Rokita SA in Brzeg Dolny (Poland)
Production capacity:Overall, the annual production capacity was increased from 148,000 tons to 209,000 tons of chlorine and from 167,000 tons to 236,000 tons of caustic soda.
Project status:The electrolysers VI and VII were put into operation in mid-2018, the entire capacity expansion was completed in early 2019.