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Advanced silicon metal production plant in Iceland

In Iceland, we built one of the world’s most advanced and most environmentally compatible silicon metal production plants, which we commissioned in 2018. Silicon metal is used, among other things, […]

Advanced silicon metal production plant in Iceland2024-03-27T15:11:57+01:00

Production plant for dimethyl ether in Russia

PCC SE has built a production plant for ultra-pure, aerosol grade dimethyl ether (DME) through OOO DME Aerosol, Pervomaysky (Russia), a joint venture with its long-standing Russian partner, JSC Shchekinoazot. […]

Production plant for dimethyl ether in Russia2024-03-27T15:16:02+01:00

New production plant for ultra-pure MCAA

The production plant for ultra-pure monochloroacetic acid (MCAA), which went into operation in 2016, significantly extends the value chain of the Chlorine segment, because it utilizes […]

New production plant for ultra-pure MCAA2024-03-27T15:19:47+01:00

Capacity expansion of chlorine production

After the modernization and expansion investments of the previous years, PCC Rokita SA starts the next capacity expansion installing two more electrolyzers. These electrolyzers VI and VII are commissioned in […]

Capacity expansion of chlorine production2024-03-27T15:21:26+01:00

Gliwice terminal: Expansion and modernization

PCC’s Gliwice terminal, located some 35 kilometers from Katowice, is a fully fledged intermodal hub handling container cargos from Upper Silesia. It offers a particularly favourable location in the vicinity […]

Gliwice terminal: Expansion and modernization2024-03-27T15:23:18+01:00

Kutno terminal: Upgrade, expansion, modernization

Today, PCC’s Kutno terminal counts among Poland’s most advanced combined transport hubs. It facilitates the fast and efficient turn-around of cargos both along east-west routes between Western and Eastern Europe, […]

Kutno terminal: Upgrade, expansion, modernization2024-03-27T15:26:21+01:00

Frankfurt (Oder) terminal: Expansion and modernization

The Frankfurt (Oder) terminal is located on the German-Polish border and is a major hub for, in particular, goods flowing into and out of the Berlin-Brandenburg region. With this terminal […]

Frankfurt (Oder) terminal: Expansion and modernization2024-03-27T15:27:49+01:00

PCC Autochem: Fleet expansion of tractor units and trailers

The tanker haulage company PCC Autochem Sp. z o.o. specializes in the international road transport of liquid chemicals. The company’s fleet has been continually expanded over recent years; today PCC […]

PCC Autochem: Fleet expansion of tractor units and trailers2024-03-27T15:29:17+01:00

Production of Polyols: Further expansion

With the construction of a fifth production line for polyether polyols, PCC Rokita SA increases the total annual capacity to 110,000 metric tons of polyether polyols (measured in terms of […]

Production of Polyols: Further expansion2024-03-27T15:30:48+01:00
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