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Kriva Reka small hydropower plant

The project at the Kriva Reka (“meandering river”) power plant site is our fifth in North Macedonia. Following the extensive planning phase, the construction of the small hydro power plant […]

Kriva Reka small hydropower plant2024-03-28T13:36:24+01:00

Small hydropower plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This project started in November 2010. Once commissioned, our four small hydropower plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina (including the Mujada facility already in service), will result an aggregate installed capacity […]

Small hydropower plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina2024-03-28T13:44:55+01:00

Patiška small hydropower plant

The Patiška small hydropower plant began commercial operations in December 2014. Today the facility supplies electricity to some 800 households. Construction was significantly delayed initially by local political interests. However, […]

Patiška small hydropower plant2024-03-28T14:40:14+01:00

Brajčino small hydropower plant

We commissioned the small hydropower plant at the Brajčino site in May 2014. Difficult ground conditions in the water catchment area were discovered in good time during the construction phase, […]

Brajčino small hydropower plant2024-03-28T14:37:59+01:00

Galičnik small hydropower plant

The small hydropower plant at our Galičnik site in North Macedonia was granted its operating licence on October 21, 2014, just two years after construction commencement. With the power purchase […]

Galičnik small hydropower plant2024-03-28T14:27:56+01:00

Gradečka small hydropower plant

Building work on the Gradečka facility, PCC’s first small hydropower plant in North Macedonia, started in July 2012. Occasionally tough weather conditions and the rocky ground hampered the excavation work […]

Gradečka small hydropower plant2024-03-28T14:20:23+01:00

Mujada small hydropower plant

Work on our first climate protection project, the small hydropower plant in Mujada, Central Bosnia, started in 2007. It was hooked up to the grid at full load in February […]

Mujada small hydropower plant2024-03-28T14:17:30+01:00

Cogeneration plant EC-3 in Brzeg Dolny

This modern combined heat and power (CHP) generating plant on the factory site of PCC Rokita SA in Brzeg Dolny has been providing energy to our chemical production facilities there […]

Cogeneration plant EC-3 in Brzeg Dolny2024-03-28T14:10:25+01:00
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