The Product Segments of the Chemicals Division

As a chemicals producer, PCC is a market leader in a number of segments such as Polyols, Chlorine, Surfactants and Phosphorous Derivatives (Specialty Chemicals) in Poland, and in some cases far beyond. Our most important production site is that of PCC Rokita SA headquartered in Lower Silesia, south-west Poland.

PCC’s extensive product portal

For more information on our products, please visit PCC’s extensive product portal on containing more than 1000 products and chemical formulations for numerous industrial applications.

PCC’s commodity trading

Our commodity trading: The PCC Group has over 25 years of expertise in trading petrochemical and carbon-based commodities. The trading portfolio of PCC Trade & Services GmbH, our largest trading company, includes solid fuels such as coke breeze, small coke, and anthracite in small grain sizes, as well as chemical commodities, especially by-products from coking plants such as raw tar, raw and pure benzene.

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Investments in the Chemicals division

Within the segments belonging to the Chemicals division, we focus on the construction of new plant, expansion of existing facilities and the modernization of our production activities, enabling us to consolidate the market positions of our business units and open up new markets as well as satisfy the growing demand for our products. By increasing our energy efficiency, we reduce cost while also meeting environmental requirements – often long before they come into legal force. This was the case, for example, when we switched our chlorine production to the modern membrane process. We are also further extending the value chain of the Chlorine segment with our new production plant for ultra-pure monochloroacetic acid (MCAA). And we are refocusing investments in our Polyols and Surfactants segments towards higher-value specialty products and system solutions.

Environmental protection and EU standards

The Group companies PCC Rokita, PCC Exol, PCC Synteza and PCC Consumer Products Kosmet are members of the global Responsible Care® initiative. PCC Exol has also signed up to the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations. Our production activities satisfy all EU standards governing sustainability and environmental protection. Further information on our sustainability guidelines is available on our page “Sustainability and environmental protection”.