Commodity trading

PCC Trade & Services GmbH has control over the entire, self-developed process chain underpinning our petrochemical and carbon-based commodity trading activities. Hence, we can offer our customers the very highest level of service quality.

Through its modern logistics capability, PCC Trade & Services GmbH can ensure the smooth handling of deliveries from the source to the client. The PCC-owned terminal operated by PCC Novobalt Terminal in Kaliningrad, Russia, is equipped with modern facilities to produce accurately screened material in various grain sizes in careful compliance with our customers’ requirements. The PCC Group also encompasses several transport companies including the Russian railway company ZAO PCC Rail and the major Polish combined transport logistics service provider PCC Intermodal SA. There are long-term contracts with shipping companies and with terminals in the Baltic region, in the ARAG area and in Germany for interim storage and onward transport to customers.

The trading companies of PCC

Two commodity trading companies belong to PCC: on the one hand, PCC Trade & Services GmbH, based in Duisburg, the original founding company of the entire PCC Group – with this company the Group’s history began in 1993; on the other hand, PCC MORAVA – CHEM s.r.o. based in Český Těšín in the Czech Republic.

The largest PCC trading company specializes in trading solid fuels such as coke breeze, small coke and anthracite, as well as chemical raw materials such as crude tar and crude benzene as well as pure benzene, phenol, toluene, adipic acid and bisphenol A.

Coke and coal activities form the core business. The product range includes:

  • Coke breeze with grain sizes of 0 – 6mm / 0 – 10mm
  • Nut coke with grain sizes of 5 – 15mm / 5 – 20mm / 5 – 25mm
  • Metallurgical coke / blast furnace coke with grain sizes of 20 – 40mm / 25 – 80mm / 40 – 80mm
  • Anthracite (with low sulfur and volatile content) with grain sizes of 0 – 6/10mm / 10 – 25mm / 25 – 50mm / 20 – 70/80mm

This Czech trading company specializes in chemical commoditiews, coal and coke as well as foundry raw materials and products.

The PCC terminal Novobalt Kaliningrad

AO Novobalt Terminal is our port company in Kaliningrad, Russia. The terminal is directly adjacent to the city’s commercial port and has a direct connection to the Baltic Sea via the Kaliningrad Canal (water depth: 9-10.5 m), which is open to international shipping around the clock, 7 days a week. At our terminal, 2,500 tons can be loaded within 24 hours. The port of Kaliningrad can be reached by sea and inland waterway vessels via all waterways in Europe.

Today, ships with a length of up to 140m and a width of up to 16m can call at the AO Novobalt Terminal. The data:

  • Length of the pier: 206m
  • Water depth: 6.5m
  • Cargo handling: dry bulk
  • Monthly volume of goods handled: approx. 40,000 t of bulk material

The screening plants installed in 2010 enable the provision of a variety of grain sizes and a very high level of accuracy for oversize and undersize.