PCC SE has built a production plant for ultra-pure, aerosol grade dimethyl ether (DME) through OOO DME Aerosol, Pervomaysky (Russia), a joint venture with its long-standing Russian partner, JSC Shchekinoazot. The aim of PCC SE is to enter the market for DME, which is mainly used in the cosmetics industry for example as a propellant for hair styling products, but also for the production of polyurethane construction foam. Since May 2021, the plant has been powered by electricity from 100 % renewable sources. The switch to wind and solar power highlights the commitment of both joint venture partners to their sustainability strategy.

Principal:OOO DME Aerosol, Pervomaysky
Location:Pervomaysky (Russia)
Capacity:Annual capacity 20,000 metric tons DME
Commissioning:December 2018
Project status:Successful start-up of DME plant in Russia

The commissioning process of our new 20,000 tpa plant for the production of high-purity dimethyl ether (DME) in aerosol quality was successfully started at the beginning of December. Since December 17, 2018, the plant’s production has been stable and reaching the required quality.

DME Aerosol was granted building approval at the end of June 2016. Construction of our DME plant in Russia started in April 2017.

In the meantime, the first deliveries have been made to customers for whom qualification has already been completed.

The final performance test was successfully completed in May 2019.

In addition to other applications, DME of this grade is used as a propellant in the cosmetics industry, for example in hair styling products, but also in the manufacture of polyurethane construction foam.

Photo gallery showing progress since work on the site started

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