Efficient, clean, modern: power plant by PCC

Our Energy division plans, builds and operates power generating facilities. The Renewable Energies business unit has had several of its small hydropower plants connected to national grids in South-East Europe, while the Conventional Energies business unit supplies electricity and process heat, primarily to our manufacturing facilities in Poland.

Small hydropower plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Small hydropower plant in North Macedonia


Small hydropower plant in North Macedonia


Small hydropower plant in North Macedonia


Small hydropower plant in North Macedonia


The operating business of the Renewable Energies unit is assigned to PCC DEG Renewables GmbH, Duisburg, a joint venture that we manage together KfW subsidiary DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. As a result of the commissioning of a total of five small, environmentally friendly power plants – four of which in North Macedonia – we have moved closer to our goal of assembling a portfolio of power plants based on renewable energy that may eventually be sold en bloc to a strategic investor.

Conventional Energies business unit

The main revenue generator of the Energy segment is, however, PCC Energetyka Blachownia Sp. z o.o., Kędzierzyn-Koźle (Poland), which operates in the field of power and heat cogeneration. Together with the Energy business unit of PCC Rokita SA, which supplies power to the Brzeg Dolny site, this forms the core of the Conventional Energies business unit.

Investments in the Energy division

The focus of our capital expenditures in our Energy division is on the project engineering and construction of small, environmentally friendly hydropower plants in South-East Europe. The Mujada small hydropower plant in Central Bosnia was connected to the grid in February 2009 as a pilot undertaking and therefore the first climate protection project of its kind to be implemented by PCC. Since that time, we have completed four more such investment projects in North Macedonia. We started the construction of a new power plant in North Macedonia in October 2017. In addition, we have constructed a combined heat and power (CHP) cogenerating plant within our Conventional Energies business unit at our chemicals site in Brzeg Dolny in Lower Silesia, Poland.

Overview of investment projects