In 2015, PCC Rokita SA completes the capacity expansion of its propylene oxide (PO) plant in the Chlorine segment from 36,000 tons to 48,000 tons per year. In 2020, the capacity is further expanded to a total of 57,000 tons per year. PO is required as an input to produce polyols. The capacity increase, together with the existing supply contracts with long-term partners, contributes significantly to securing the raw material supply for the current polyols production of PCC Rokita SA and, at the same time, facilitates further targeted growth in the Polyols segment.

Principal:PCC Rokita SA
Location:Factory site of PCC Rokita SA in Brzeg Dolny (Poland)
Production capacity:Expansion to a total of 57,000 metric tons of PO per year
Project status:2015: annual capacity reaches 48,000 metric tons
2020: annual capacity reaches 57,000 metric tons