The Frankfurt (Oder) terminal is located on the German-Polish border and is a major hub for, in particular, goods flowing into and out of the Berlin-Brandenburg region. With this terminal now established, we are also able to develop our intermodal transport services serving France and Spain in the west. PCC Intermodal S.A. has been operating this combined transport hub, which we have significantly expanded in recent years, since April 2012. Today, its annual handling capacity exceeds 100,000 TEU (20-foot ISO standard containers).

Principal/Operator: PCC Intermodal SA
Location:Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Operating area:30,000 m2
Handling capacity per year:More than 100,000 TEU
Storage area:1,000 TEU
Infrastructure / Equipment:
  • 2┬áreach-stackers
  • 1 gantry crane (speed: 120 m/min; span: 70 m; load capacity (SWL): 41 t)
  • Total of 4 spur tracks, each 600 m long
Project status:The terminal has been operated by PCC Intermodal S.A. since April 2012. The provision of further spur tracks (increasing the number from two to four, each 600 metres long) and installation of the gantry crane were completed in October 2014. Frankfurt (Oder) terminal was officially re-inaugurated in December 2014.