Our long-term aim in developing a raw material base in Ghana (West Africa) is to secure supplies e.g. of palm kernel oil for, in particular, surfactants production, in line with our sustainability criteria. Palm kernel oil is an important feedstock in the production of certain surfactants.

Principal:PCC Organic Oils Ghana Limited
Location:Accra (Ghana), West Africa
Project status:In the fourth quarter of 2016, our project company PCC Organic Oils Ghana Limited, Akim Oda (Ghana), started its own production of palm kernel oil, an important feedstock for fatty alcohols and thus essential for surfactant production. PCC Organic Oils Ghana buys palm nuts from smallholders in the surrounding area who separate and collect them during the extraction of palm oil from the flesh of the palm fruit. These nuts are processed in our plant, primarily in order to extract high-grade palm kernel oil. With this, PCC Organic Oils Limited is expected to make a contribution to the long-term supply of renewable raw materials to our surfactants producer, PCC Exol SA.

We regard protection of the environment as highly important. The sustainability of our production is also underlined by the current certifications from ECOCERT, among others. We are in constant contact with the local community, whose interests are likewise very important to us, and we have now created 120 jobs in the locality.

More information about our activities in Ghana – including our certifications – can be found on the website of PCC Organic Oils Ghana Limited: www.pccorganicoils.com