//PCC apprentice honored as best in year

PCC apprentice honored as best in year

Duisburg, in November 2015. Having graduated from his apprenticeship in Business Administration Wholesale and Import/Export, PCC SE employee Marvin Köhni (23) was recently awarded by the Lower Rhine Chamber of Trade and Industry (CCI Duisburg) as its Best In Year in that category. Köhni began his training in 2012 and today works at the PCC site in Essen, selling surfactants and caustic soda to the German market.


Sunday, November 8, saw Köhni and the best in year of other apprenticeship courses awarded for their outstanding achievements at a ceremony organized by the CCI. Around 1,200 guests were invited to the chamber’s Best in Year 2015 ceremony, which was held in Duisburg’s “Theater am Marientor”. CCI President Burkhard Landers and the organization’s Managing Director, Dr. Wolf-Eberhard Reiff, presided over the honors.


“We would like to send out our heartfelt congratulations to our colleague, Marvin Köhni, and are delighted to have such a high-achiever as our employee,” said Ulrike Warnecke, Managing Director of PCC SE responsible inter alia for the Human Resources division. “His impressive success serves to confirm the validity of our targeted approach to newcomer development, an area to which we attach great importance.” Indeed, apprentices at PCC receive additional instruction in selected subjects such as English in order to prepare them for a career in this internationally aligned company group.

Köhni was keen to express his thanks for the assistance provided by management and his personal mentors during his two-and-a-half years of training: “I could always count on their support, for example when preparing for the exams, and in the provision of an intensive English course. Without many hours of dedication, this result would have been inconceivable.” Köhni also said he was aware that this treatment of apprentices was not something to be taken for granted. “So I am all the more delighted to have received this award on behalf of everyone in the company – we have all worked together to achieve this success.”


Shortly after completing his apprenticeship, Köhni assumed responsibility for the sale in Germany of certain commodities manufactured by Polish subsidiaries PCC Exol SA and PCC Rokita SA. “I particularly enjoy contributing to commercial life with products manufactured by the PCC Group, and also like to see how our products are incorporated into many goods that make our everyday life more pleasant,” he said. Born in Duisburg, his passion since he was a child has been to play club football, and he is also a fervent fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach. “But because today I work closely with numerous Polish colleagues and travel quite often to Poland, I also – of course – follow Śląska Wrocław, keeping my fingers crossed for each game they play!”