Húsavík (Iceland)/Duisburg, April 30, 2018. Commissioning of our new production plant for silicon metal in Iceland began on April 30, 2018 with the ignition of the first of the two electric arc furnaces.

PCC-BakkiSilicon-Start-der-Inbetriebnahme-1g PCC-BakkiSilicon-Start-der-Inbetriebnahme-2g

An arc has initially been struck between the electrodes of the first of two smelting furnaces. The temperature of the furnace vessel will now be continuously raised until the operating point of around 2,000 degrees Celsius is reached. The unit will then be charged with the raw materials – quartzite, coal and wood chip. The first tapping operation marking the official start of production is scheduled for the coming week.

PCC-BakkiSilicon-Start-der-Inbetriebnahme-3g PCC-BakkiSilicon-Start-der-Inbetriebnahme-1k

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