From 1998 until this present time, more than 15,000 investors have subscribed to PCC securities, benefiting from the attractive returns that they offer.

There are currently no new issues available. Information on the issuance of new bonds will be published promptly on this website.

Terms of our PCC bonds:

  • Fixed interest rate p.a. (quarterly coupon payments)

  • Coupon payments: Quarterly

  • Issue price: 100% of par value (time-adjusted)

  • Redemption rate: 100% of par value

  • No handling fees if purchased directly from PCC

  • Purchase price: 100% (subject to change) – acquisition from PCC free of ancillary charges

Got questions regarding our bonds?

Then simply call +49 (0)2066 90 80 90.

You are also welcome to visit us in Germany at our offices in Duisburg. Get in touch and we will be glad to arrange an appointment.

The press about the PCC:

Financial information

PCC bonds

Together with the acquisition of funds through bank loans, the issuance of bonds is an important component of the financing structure of PCC. In keeping with the conservative business philosophy of PCC, issuance volumes are only allowed to expand to the extent needed for entrepreneurial development.