Duisburg / Niederkassel, January, 2020. PCC SE is considering the construction of several production facilities at Evonik’s Lülsdorf site, south of Cologne. The investment project relates to a plant complex for the production of ethylene oxide (EO), whereby the CO2 emissions would be recovered and processed in a manner compatible with climate protection aspirations. The complex would also contain facilities for the manufacture of downstream products. Current estimates indicate a total investment outlay in excess of € 500 million. Plant operations would give rise to around 120 new direct and permanent jobs in Lülsdorf. The location would also be attractive for other companies to establish further downstream plants. This could increase the number of jobs created to up to 200.

At the core of our planned investment project is construction of a plant for the production of high-purity EO. This basic chemical is used, among other things, for the production of surfactants, for example for personal care products and laundry and household cleaner detergents, and also of polyols for the production of polyurethane (PU) foams. With the planned production complex in Lülsdorf, we intend to secure the long-term supply of this important feedstock for our Chemicals division – and especially PCC Rokita SA and PCC Exol SA.

There are five further facilities planned for Lülsdorf. They will serve to process most of the EO directly on site, manufacturing e.g. ethylene carbonate, an important precursor for lithium-ion batteries such as those used in electric cars. In the planned ethylene carbonate plant, the CO2 captured from the EO production process is to be utilized as a raw material, thus extensively avoiding its release into the atmosphere.
We are currently holding extensive talks with Evonik Industries AG, which operates the site in Lülsdorf, as well as with the city of Niederkassel and other relevant authorities. Once these have been completed, we will carry out a thorough review prior to making the final decision on the investment and site. In advance of this, however, we have already instituted a comprehensive authorization and approval procedure. In the event of a positive approvals outcome and following the final business-case decision on the project, plant construction could begin in 2021 with a likely completion time of three years.

This investment project is being developed by our wholly owned subsidiary PCC Integrated Chemistries GmbH, currently also based at the PCC Group headquarters in Duisburg.

You can learn more about our planned investment project in Lülsdorf on our project website https://www.pcc-luelsdorf.de (currently in German only).

Source: Evonik