In 2015, PCC Rokita SA makes a first step to enter the rapidly growing markets of Southeast Asia, China, and India by establishing a joint venture with the Thai polyols and polyurethane manufacturer IRPC Polyol Company Ltd., Bangkok. Subsequently, PCC Rokita SA acquires a total of 50% of the shares in IRPC Polyol by 2018. This partial takeover represents the next step of the PCC Group in the expansion in Asia with one of the core business areas.

Principal:PCC Rokita SA
Location:Brzeg Dolny (Poland)/Bangkok (Thailand)
Project status:PCC Rokita SA started contractual negotiations with the Thai polyols producer IRPC Polyol Company Ltd. (IRPC Polyol) at the beginning of 2014 to establish a joint venture. The negotiations were successfully concluded in January 2015 with the two companies signing an agreement to create a 50/50 joint venture under the name IRPC-PCC Company Ltd. headquartered in Bangkok. The objective is to sell polyols and polyurethane (PU) systems in the growing Asian markets. Subsequently, PCC Rokita SA acquired a total of 50% of the shares in IRPC Polyol: In early 2017, PCC Rokita SA initially took over 25% of the shares in IRP Polyol from its parent company, the petrochemicals group IRPC Public Company Ltd. In 2018, the stake was increased to 50%.