Duisburg, August 26, 2021. Duisburg-based investment holding company PCC SE is preparing long-term for a generational change in the Group’s management with a new governance structure comprising an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. The new organization will replace the previous system consisting of an Administrative Board and Managing Directors. The two new bodies will be strictly separate in terms of personnel. This reorganization is intended to strengthen the corporate structure of PCC SE and its strategic focus on sustainability as key issue of the future. The corresponding amendment to the Articles of Association was approved at the Universal General Meeting of PCC SE held on August 10, 2021. It will come into effect with official entry in the Commercial Register.

With official entry in the Commercial Register, the operational management of PCC SE will consistof a three-member Executive Board: Dr. Peter Wenzel (56) has been promoted to the newly formed management body as its Chairman. The previous Managing Directors, Ulrike Warnecke (59) and Dr. Alfred Pelzer (61), have been appointed Members of the Executive Board. Dr. Peter Wenzel is in charge of Corporate and Project Development and will then also be responsible within the Executive Board for sustainability, an issue of ever-increasing topicality. The responsibilities of Ulrike Warnecke for Finance, Human Resources and Public Relations, and those of Dr. Alfred Pelzer for Chemical Production, Logistics and Sales will remain unchangedfrom their previous functions as Managing Directors. The Executive Board will continue to be supported by Riccardo Koppe (42), Head of Finance and Controlling (CFO), and Peter Berger (44), Head of Legal.

Waldemar Preussner (62), sole shareholder of PCC SE and former Chairman of the Administrative Board, will assume the role of Chairman of the newly formed Supervisory Board. Dr. Hans-Josef Ritzert (62) joins the Supervisory Board as Vice Chairman. A chemist by profession, he has previously served as an advisor to PCC SE. The Supervisory Board is completed by Reinhard Quint, a long-standing member of the former Administrative Board.

Dr. Peter Wenzel comments: “The entrepreneurial spirit within the PCC Group and the freedom to develop and implement innovative business ideas are exceptional. We have long set high standards in corporate social responsibility and are increasing our commitment to sustainability with significant investments in highly efficient, eco-friendly production facilities. We therefore also see particular opportunities for PCC and our partners in the enormous challenges ahead, especially in the fight against climate change.”

“With our chemical holdings, PCC forms part of a key industry of the 21st century, and we are always conscious of our entrepreneurial responsibility toward future generations,” says Waldemar Preussner. “Through our new governance structure with assignment of management responsibilities within the Executive Board, we are strengthening not only the future viability of our group of companies, but also our focus on sustainability and climate protection.”