Duisburg, July 14, 2022 – PCC SE has again been rated as “attractive (positive outlook)” in the current KFM Company Barometer published by KFM Deutsche Mittelstand AG, Düsseldorf (Germany). PCC SE received 4.5 out of 5 possible stars, with the overall assessment entitled “KFM Company Barometer – PCC SE” of July 13, 2022 reading as follows:

Conclusion and personal opinion of the analysts: Rating - "attractive (positive outlook)"

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies in general faced major challenges, with the PCC Group no exception. The experienced management has so far proven that it can react flexibly to external influences, e.g. by scaling back its originally planned investment activities. However, investments likely to prove particularly lucrative are not being postponed, so that in the future too, profitability should be maintained. In our opinion, the PCC business model continues to offer potential for further positive performance developments.

The PCC Group is currently benefiting from the high selling prices of chemical commodities, with above-average margins ensuing. Here, too, management is taking a long-term approach and, finding itself in this comfortable situation, is increasing inventories as a risk provision.

With the successful restart of production at the silicon metal plant, a further milestone was passed on the road to long-term improvement in the company’s net assets, financial position and earnings situation. Demand is expected to increase significantly going forward, with silicon metals likely to play a major role, for example, in technologies aligned to climate protection (e.g. battery production).

To summarize, we assess the company as being “attractive (positive outlook)” (4.5 out of 5 possible stars).