This project started in November 2010. Once commissioned, our four small hydropower plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina (including the Mujada facility already in service), will result in an average annual reduction in emissions totalling 27,500 metric tons of CO2. Aggregate installed capacity will be in excess of 5 megawatts with output at around 25 million kWh of electricity per year. A number of permits has meanwhile been granted, in particular for Poljanice 1. However, due to the extremely slow approval procedures, some permits are still pending at all three sites. A conclusion of these protracted procedures is still not in sight.

Facility type:Hydropower plant
Location:Poljanice, Canton of Central Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
CO2 reduction:Average annual emissions reduction:

Planned for Poljanice 1: approx. 12,000 metric tons CO2
Planned for Poljanice 2: approx. 5,250 metric tons CO2
Planned for Potkozica: approx. 3,050 metric tons CO2

Capacity:Planned for Poljanice 1: 2.4 megawatts
Planned for Poljanice 2: 1.07 megawatts
Planned for Potkozica: 0.8 megawatts
Generation:Planned for Poljanice 1: around 11 million kWh electricity per year
Planned for Poljanice 2: around 4.8 million kWh electricity per year
Planned for Potkozica: around 2.8 million kWh electricity per year