Polyols & Derivatives

For foams with a wide range of applications

The Polyols & Derivatives segment includes the Polyols, Polyurethane Systems and Alkylphenols business units. Polyols are feedstocks used in the manufacture of polyurethane (PU) foams. They serve a fascinating range of applications in a large number of different industries: from iPoltec® PU foam technology from the laboratories of PCC Rokita SA through to our PU foam systems for the effective thermal insulation of buildings.

PCC Rokita SA is Eastern Europe’s most important and Poland’s only producer of polyether polyols for the manufacture of PU foams, a segment with an ever-growing number of sales markets. Our polyols serve as a basis both of flexible and rigid foams, as well as for CASE applications (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers).

“Polyols” is a generic term for multivalent alcohols, organic compounds that contain at least two hydroxyl groups in the molecule. PCC Rokita SA focuses particularly on the manufacture of polyether polyols. These polyols react, for example, with isocyanates to produce polyurethane (PU).
Polyurethane has a large number of applications, and it is the polyols employed that determine its properties. Under the brand name Rokopol®, PCC Rokita SA offers more than 30 different polyols and polyol formulations. In addition, our Warsaw affiliate PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o. and its subsidiary PCC Prodex GmbH in Essen also develop, manufacture and market PU systems.

Our polyether polyols are used, for example, to produce flexible PU foams which provide the basis for comfortable cold-cure foam mattresses and upholstery of high rebound elasticity. Automotive seats and bicycle saddles are likewise manufactured from PU foams, as is the moulding foam used for car dashboards. PU is a component of the flooring products used in sports halls and also the soles of high-comfort sports shoes. Products based on our polyether polyols ensure the thermal insulation properties in refrigeration vehicles. And assembly foams are likewise manufactured from polyols. Our specialty polyols can be found in coatings, adhesives, waterproofing compounds and sealants. PU elastomers, i.e. rubber-like substances, are developed from specialty polyols for the manufacture of, for example, textile fibres. This group of applications falls under the CASE heading (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers). And even imitation leather is manufactured from polyurethane based on polyols.

The applications of our PU systems are likewise widely varied. They extend from thermal insulation products, as used in pipelines for example, to specialty PU adhesives applied in mining to consolidate crumbling rock strata and provide a reliable seal against inflowing water. We have also developed a PU foam spray system for roof insulation applications in the construction industry. This enables rigid foam to be sprayed in liquid form as a roof coating to enhance the thermal insulation of buildings. The reaction mixture begins to foam within a few seconds, producing a seamless and jointless layer that offers outstanding insulation values.

  • Automotive industry (passenger compartment fitments, load space dividers, roof linings, interior sound insulation)
  • Furniture industry (furniture components, office furniture)
  • Flooring products (mats, floor coverings)
  • Various types of mattresses
  • Protective packaging
  • Household goods such as cleaning sponges
  • Upholstery and cushions
  • Sound insulation systems
  • Refrigeration industry (refrigerators, industrial cold rooms, refrigeration vehicles)
  • Construction industry (panels, showers, sprayed foam insulation, single-component foam sealants e.g. for window installation)
  • Thermal insulation (pipe-in-pipe systems)
  • PU system components (various applications)
  • Manufacture of elastomers
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Adhesives, waterproofing systems
  • Shoe industry (soles)
  • Imitation leather
  • Construction industry (insulation of buildings with PU spray foam, block and module assembly systems, cavity-fill injection systems)
  • Industrial insulation (including wall and roof panels, insulation of refrigerated counters, chill systems for food storage, insulation of pipes and transmission lines)
  • Transport and automotive (two-component foams, e.g. for steering wheels, gear levers, arm rests, seats, head rests and insulation elements, dashboards, sunroof mouldings, filters for engines, insulation systems)
  • Mining (including two-component polyurethane adhesives for sealing and consolidating cracked and crumbling rock and coal strata)
  • Sport and leisure (including resilient two-layer floor coverings for sports halls and children’s playgrounds, two-component foams e.g. for bicycle saddles, boxing gloves, life belts and for the manufacture of sports boats)
  • Shoe industry (PU systems for resilient, light, flexible and hard-wearing shoe soles)
Alkylphenols are a family of organic chemical compounds manufactured through the alkylation of phenols. PCC Synteza S.A. produces nonylphenol and dodecylphenol at its production site in Kędzierzyn-Koźle in Poland.

Nonylphenol is used in the manufacture of surfactants for industrial cleaning products, for charging ink cartridges and for coating paper, and also as a rubber additive. Dodecylphenol serves, for example, as an additive in hydraulic fluids and lubricating greases. PCC Synteza S.A. also manufactures fuel additives.

PolyU GmbH, founded in 2017 in Oberhausen (Germany), develops and sells innovative polyurethane systems for special applications in a wide variety of application areas. To develop these customer-specific polyurethane (PU) systems, PolyU GmbH uses in particular the decades of experience of the largest chemical company in the PCC Group, PCC Rokita SA, in the development and production of polyols. In addition, the German sister company PCC Prodex GmbH has significant know-how about PU formulations for a large number of fields of application. The customers of PolyU GmbH therefore benefit twice from the networking in the PCC Group: On the one hand they receive the innovative raw materials with the polyols from PCC Rokita SA and on the other hand they also receive the individual formulations for PU applications. PolyU GmbH represents the important link between our customers and the production facilities of the group – and also has its own laboratory capacities at the Oberhausen site.

For more information on our products, please visit PCC’s extensive product portal on www.products.pcc.eu containing more than 1,200 products and chemical formulations for numerous industrial applications.

Aligned to application requirements:

iPoltec® – foam technology made by PCC

Our innovative foam technology iPoltec®, the high-comfort upholstery material from the laboratories of PCC Rokita, is employed in the manufacture of several million mattress cores to date. Mattresses manufactured from iPoltec® foam offer outstanding comfort properties and are exceptionally hard-wearing. The basis of this foam technology is provided by our Rokopol iPol® polyols, which are also employed in the production of PU foams for armchairs or other upholstered furniture – and especially where exceptionally high rebound elasticity is required.

For more information, go to our website: www.ipoltec.eu