Products and Applications

Our portfolio is widely diversified and our customers come from a broad range of industries extending from chemicals and the automotive sector to consumer products, furniture manufacturing, construction and mining.

PCC’s extensive product portal

For more information on our products, please visit PCC’s extensive product portal on containing more than 1000 products and chemical formulations for numerous industrial applications.

Corporate videos

Now is the time for green chemistry:
Greenline ™ – the Green Chemistry of the PCC Group with more than 200 sustainable chemicals.

You can find us in all areas of life:
Let yourself be surprised where chemical products from PCC Group companies are used.

PCC’s commodity trading

Our commodity trading: The PCC Group has over 25 years of expertise in trading petrochemical and carbon-based commodities. The trading portfolio of PCC Trade & Services GmbH, our largest trading company, includes solid fuels such as coke breeze, small coke, and anthracite in small grain sizes, as well as chemical commodities, especially by-products from coking plants such as raw tar, raw and pure benzene.
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Specialty products and system solutions

For more than two decades we have been reliably serving our customers with important commodities, raw materials and chemical feedstocks. Within the Chemicals division, we are also now focusing more and more on higher-grade specialty products, particularly in the Polyols and Surfactants segments. And we are developing complete system solutions and technology packages such as our innovative intelligent polyurethane foam technology iPoltec®, helping to produce more than three million high-comfort and durable mattresses each year.
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