Duisburg/Gdynia (Poland), March 2018. On the basis of the shareholders’ agreement concluded on February 7, 2018, PCC SE acquired a block of 5.53 % (6,085,164) of the shares of its subsidiary PCC Intermodal S. A., Gdynia (Poland), from the remaining minority shareholders in the course of a squeeze-out procedure under Polish capital market law. The price paid was PLN 2.66 per share. Effective March 7, 2018, PCC SE thus holds 84.47% of the share capital of PCC Intermodal S.A. and 89.06% of the associated voting rights. Pursuant to the aforementioned shareholders’ agreement, PCC SE together with Hupac Ltd. and Mr. Dariusz Stefanski and Mr. Adam Adamek of PCC Intermodal’s management holds 100 % of the voting rights in the company. See also News of February 9, 2018.