Duisburg, March 11, 2022. PCC expresses its deep compassion for the victims of the terrible war in Ukraine. We are particularly concerned for the civilian population, whose suffering through war atrocities and displacement we can hardly imagine. PCC condemns the war of aggression initiated by the Kremlin and is therefore reducing business in and with Russia to the absolute minimum. While conscious of our responsibility for our employees in Russia and Belarus as their local employer, we support the sanctions imposed on Russia and will certainly observe them. Furthermore, PCC will not be pursuing any new investments in Russia until further notice.

We in the PCC Group are taking the initiative to alleviate at least somewhat the plight of the people of Ukraine. Our Polish subsidiaries, first and foremost PCC Rokita SA and PCC Exol SA, are providing direct support to refugees through a wide range of measures, including employment opportunities. We at PCC are in contact with our three employees at the PCC trading company in Lviv in western Ukraine and have offered them all our help and support. Currently, a free aid delivery to Ukraine of sodium hypochlorite (bleaching lye) for drinking water treatment is being organized. The total of 40,000 liters of bleaching lye being provided will be sufficient to treat 8 million cubic meters of drinking water.

We of PCC, numbering over 3,300 colleagues in 17 countries, join countless people around the world in fervently hoping for a swift return to peace in Ukraine.