Having required only minimal intervention in the local natural environment during their construction, our small hydropower plants in Southeast Europe are now also proving their worth as climate-protection infrastructure

At PCC, we persue sustainability in tboth renewable and conventional energy production. The the field of renewable energies we focus on the construction and operation of small hydropower plants, which are recognized for their particular environmental compatibility due to their relatively low impact on nature. Five of these units, ffive in North Macedonia and one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, have so far been connected to the grid (in the photo: the Mujada small hydropower plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Our power plants already in production enable CO2 emission savings of around 22,500 metric tons per year on average (multi-year mean value) – calculated in comparison to the CO2 emissions of the regional electricity supply. The first four hydropower plants in North Macedonia were officially registered by the UNFCCC back in 2013 as climate protection projects as defined in the Kyoto Protocol.

In the field of conventional energies, dust emissions from our combined heat and power plant at the Brzeg Dolny chemicals site have been significantly reduced in recent years. By installing modern electrostatic precipitators, we have cut dust emissions from 50 to 20 milligrams per cubic meter. As a result, the plant is now operating even further below the current limit value of 100 mg/m3 applicable in Poland than was already the case previously. This cogeneration plant also supplies the majority of households in the town of Brzeg Dolny with environmentally friendly heat.

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