Trade & Services

Three decades of experience in commodity trading

The Trade & Services segment includes the two business areas of raw materials trading and services. The PCC Group has three decades of expertise in trading in petro- and carbon-based raw materials. Our logistics system, which also includes our own port terminal in Kaliningrad, ensures the smooth processing of our deliveries from the factory to the end consumer. The trading portfolio of PCC Trade & Services GmbH includes solid fuels such as coke breeze, small coke and anthracite in small grain sizes as well as chemical raw materials, especially by-products from coking plants such as raw tar, raw and pure benzene. The segment’s largest group company is PCC Trade & Services GmbH, the original founding company of the PCC Group.

Find out more about the PCC Group’s commodity trading on the PCC Trade & Services GmbH website.

Conventional energies

One of the services we provide in this segment is our conventional energy business, which primarily supplies electricity to our own factories in Poland. This includes the corresponding business unit of PCC Rokita SA, i.e. its Energy business unit, and PCC Energetyka Blachownia Sp. z o.o. at the Kędzierzyn-Koźle site. The former operates the EC-3 combined heat and power plant, a modern combined heat and power plant, at our most important production site in Brzeg Dolny, Lower Silesia. On the one hand, it supplies our production facilities there with electricity and process steam. On the other hand, this power plant supplies large parts of the nearby small town of Brzeg Dolny with environmentally friendly heat.


The group services provided by the segment include services in the areas of information technology and environmental protection. This is how PCC IT S.A. IT services from our Brzeg Dolny chemical site to internal and external customers – an example of how we use synergies to generate added value. In addition to our conventional power plants, the following holdings are managed in the Services business segment: PCC IT S.A., PCC Apakor Sp. z o.o., LabMatic Sp. z o.o. and Ekologistyka Sp. z o.o., each based in Brzeg Dolny in Lower Silesia.

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