Duisburg/Brzeg Dolny (Poland), March 27, 2020. PCC has put two newly certified disinfectants – “Hysepta Anti-Virus” and “Hysepta Anti-Virus+” – into production as our contribution to emergency care in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. They are being manufactured by the Polish Group company PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o.o. (PCC CP Kosmet) at our primary chemicals site in Brzeg Dolny, Lower Silesia. The colleagues in Poland are currently trying to obtain a quick export permit to Germany in order to be allowed to sell the urgently needed hand disinfectants there as well. The Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety has already begun to reduce bureaucratic hurdles in the current crisis. As soon as these products become available, we intend to provide medical institutions in particular with fast, priority access to them via our B2B online shop distripark.de. Medical practices, surgeries, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes will then be able to purchase larger containers directly from this outlet. Due to the sharp rise in demand for detergents and disinfectants resulting from the spread of Covid-19, PCC CP Kosmet has been operating a three-shift system since the beginning of the week.