Duisburg/Essen (Germany), September 4, 2020. PCC Prodex GmbH in Essen has recorded a significant increase in incoming orders for polishing discs since May 2020. By the end of August, this Group company has increased its production of polishing discs by more than 150% compared to last year. The investment in a new milling facility for polishing discs, which PCC Prodex commissioned in mid-2019, increasingly paid off. Last month, our subsidiary also invested in an additional punching facility. This investment is a further important step to increase the efficiency in the production and thus to reach the turnaround.

PCC develops and produces technical foams in Essen under the brand name Plasthan®, the majority of which are further processed at its own site into polishing discs for vehicle preparation. Thanks to its discontinuous production process, PCC Prodex can manufacture tailor-made products for its international customers. You can find more information about our Plasthan® brand and our subsidiary PCC Prodex GmbH at www.plasthan.de.